Board Minutes July 2017

Lyme Free Library Board Minutes July 10, 2017, Adopted August 14, 2017

Trustees Present: Jim Valentine, Melissa Koffs (left about 1/2 way through), Dolly Bidwell, Pam Oxenford, Joy Seymour, Judi Bates, Mary Hyde and Doug Warneck. Also present were Patti Hughes, Librarian, and Tammy Sharlow, Bookkeeper. 

Special Presentation:   Cole Thomas presented his Eagle Scout project to the board. He has made 3 laptop tables, and a bench. He said he could make 2 more laptop tables if we wanted, and we said that we did. He did a wonderful presentation, and his work was outstanding.

Treasurer's Report:Tammy distributed the July report and explained it . She went over the account balances and noted that the $12000 from the Town of Lyme has finally come through. Cathy Gallagher's baking classes have been a big success and $565.25 has been donated from them, and a thank you has been sent.  There has also been $890 in sales from the O'Reilly prints. The mail campaign has earned $58.40. Doug asked what the cost of the mailing was, and it was not known specifically but could be figured out.  After some discussion, Melissa motioned to accept the report, and Pam seconded it, all in favor, motion carried. 

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the June meeting taken by Dolly were distributed, and read over. Judi motioned to accept the report and Mary seconded it. 

President's Report: Jim said that information was distributed about a Retirement Open House for Steve Bolton at the Italian American Civic Association. Thank you cards received were passed around from the Lyme Kindergarten classes and Reading on the River, and one card to go to Steve Bolton was signed by all. 

Librarian's report: Patti stated that $2500 in additional funding from Patty Ritchie was coming, but it was not known when.  

Next, she reminded us of the book signing event coming up July 27th with Ellen Wiseman. 

For the Book Sale on August 12th, trustees are asked to meet at the library at 9amon August 10th for set up.  There is also a bake sale that day, and baked goods for the sale should be brought in Friday. 

More advertising was discussed for the auction to get people in to bid with suggestions of advertising at the Turn Back Time store and yacht club. Judi also volunteered to try to get on the news, or have them come to the library to promote the event,

The Glassblower trip on July 20th was discussed. It has a great demonstration and donations go to the library.

   Because of the success and interest in the last Victorian Tea, Cathy Gallagher will be asked if she can do another in early October.

On Sunday, September 24th there will be the Dinner/Artist Wine and cheese event. It was suggested baskets to raffle also be there for people to bid on.

Patti mentioned a thank you card needs to be sent to Cole Thomas, possibly by Bonnie.

Committee Reports: Doug gave an update on basement issues. Sean Rip will give a quote on work not including any duct work. He suggests sealing gaps in windows, some lighting wiring that is cut off, and replacing a weirdly sized door. It may be beneficial to insulate the ductwork. Plans call for insulation that isn't there. To combat the cold air coming in under the computer area, electric heat can be put in that can be controlled, but heat bills are already high. There is a lot of "mess" and leftover construction material in the basement. Contact may be made to Cole Thomas's father who mentioned that they could volunteer to do work like that. 

Old Business:    Basement doors will be painted green this week. Gutters have been cleaned. 

The fundraising mailing has almost been completed and will be mailed out Thursday or Friday by Mary. 

Mary stated that the mason, Ralph Eastman will fix the crumbling foundation soon, 

New Business:    Propane: It is time to think about locking in the propane price from Griffith which is $1.79 this year. There is also a furnace cleaning special going on. 

Parking Lot Cleanup: The state needs to be called to trim up the trees over the guard rail of the parking lot as it is too steep for us to do.

Garden Border: The timbers are rotting and a new border is needed,

Fundraising letter: Judi is going to update a fundraising letter to advertise the book sale, clam bake, etc...together.

Building & Grounds Committee: The committee was formed with volunteers of Melissa, Mary and Doug. Powerwashing the building, and spraying for spiders was discussed. Using a different company than All Pest was discussed as it is expensive-possibly Guardian.

Jane Deline Grant: Patti stated that she would like to apply for some construction, but the guidelines aren't very specific about what kind of things they award it for.

200th Anniversary of Town of Lyme: Kim Burns Wallace suggested that the library should participate, and Mary is going to find out who is in charge of activities for this to see what we could do. Also, the library sign needs to be at the very least painted, but a totally new one would be great.


Lyme Free Library Board Minutes August 14, 2017, Adopted September 11, 2017

Trustees Present: Jim Valentine, Melissa Koffs, Pam Oxenford, Joy Seymour, Judi Bates, Mary Hyde and Doug Warneck. Also present were Patti Hughes, Librarian, and Tammy Sharlow, Bookkeeper. Not present: Dolly Bidwell

Treasurer's Report: Tammy distributed the July report and went over the account balances. There were $325 in donations from Barb and Rick Cousineau who at their 50th asked people to donate to the library in lieu of gifts. Mary asked if there was a bill for the mailing printing from Kauflyn, and it was decided they will bill the library eventually. Mary gave out approximate totals from the art auction and book sale of over $4000. She will be giving out the exact amounts at a future meeting. Having the book donation window only two weeks before the sale was a big success, and it should continue that way in the future. Thanks to Patti for thinking of that option. Melissa motioned to accept the report, and Pam seconded it, all in favor, motion carried. 

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the July meeting were distributed-Judi motioned to accept the report and Melissa seconded it. 

President's Report: Jim said that thanks should go out to all who helped make the art auction/book sale a success, especially Patti, Robin, & Laura. Information was gathered about what plan to use for the Propane this year. The plan being considered as the best is to lock in a price and pay it all at once. Because the library is considered a business and not residential it was still unsure if it might or might not be eligible. Guy Rigabar removed limbs on edge of creek that were encroaching on the parking lot, instead of waiting for the state to do it. The new flags for the town are not done yet, so a reminder will be sent that the library would like the flag as close to the library as possible. Melissa motioned to accept the report and Judi seconded it. 

Librarian's report: Patti is on vacation from Sept 9-24th. She reminded us that she will be away right up to before the dinner/wine & cheese event, and that we should all try to contribute a platter of cheese and crackers or something like that. The artist part is at the library from 3-5, and the dinner is from 4-7.Cathy Gallagher will be having another tea in October and she suggested we think of a theme. A Downton Abby theme was suggested by Mary. A discussion was had about the Victim assistance program using the library to meet with clients. It was OK with the trustees with some questions clarified. They have to follow our policies. Doug wondered about whether conflicts might occur. Jim said he would communicate to them that we are very supportive and there would be more specifics to follow. In regards to county funding, it was suggested that the library ask for a 33.3% increase. The current amount is $3000, and the increase would be $1000, due to increases in books, payroll and energy prices. It was agreed that Heritage Calendars will be sold at the library. The Heritage Center also sold hot dogs at the art auciton/book sale for the first time this year, and it went very well, and they were going to do it again the next Saturday. Patti stated that she was able to find out more information about the Deline Grant. They told her it was not really for maintenance projects, large print books were suggested. A lot of the Deline Grant goes to the Zoo, and the YMCA. Another grant that might be applied for again is from Walmart. The library received it once, and hasn't applied for it in a while. Information was distributed about the NCLS 2017 Annual Meeting on 9/28/17 at the Best Western in Watertown. Mary said she has gone and found it worthwhile and it makes you feel a part of it all, and it is uplifting.

Committee Reports: For the buildings and grounds, Doug sent out an spreadsheet email of projects with approximate costs and priorities which were discussed. Pam took the trustees outside to go over the changes that will be made to the gardens. The garden border timbers have lasted 8 years, but some are rotting and need to be replaced. Some of the gardens are going to be reconfigured. Hostas will be moved, drains will change direction, grass planted in some areas. Lawn will be scalloped to prevent puddling at end of sidewalk. Ted will be called from All Seasons for an estimate as a starting point. Judy from the garden club will divide up lillies by the ramp. The Mason's were also mentioned-if the materials are bought they will do the project. Pam said she could work on the area by the new addition by adding cloth and stone to shape it up. Bags of stone will be bought at the local hardware store and put on account. 

Old Business:    The basement doors were painted and the building power washed. Mary and Doug will look into whether Ralph Eastman, mason, cleaned up well. Doug went over projects that shouldn't wait like the HVAC projects. It was brought up that when a new hot water heater is needed that a point of use heater is used instead as not much hot water is needed at the library. Pam was able to talk to Tracy about the library sign and she said she would clean it up. Doug also said he knew people that could fix it up for free. 

New Business:    Doug brought up a safety issue that he noticed during the book signing. He wondered about the maximum occupancy of the building, and exit signs over windows. How much weight can the balcony hold? Do the emergency lights work or not? Bernier & Carr was mentioned regarding a safety plan.

Submitted by Joy Seymour

Sept. 7, 2017

Lyme Free Library Board Minutes September 11, 2017, Adopted October 9, 2017

Trustees Present: Jim Valentine, Melissa Koffs , Pam Oxenford, Joy Seymour, Judi Bates, Mary Hyde, Dolly Bidwell

 and Doug Warneck. Also present were Tammy Sharlow, Bookkeeper. Not present: Patti Hughes, Librarian

Treasurer's Report: Tammy distributed the August report and said the account balance looked good. The $54000 is to go in from the School budget vote. Judi spoke with the insurance agent who said the library's insurance was going to be cancelled because it changed companies. The library has not received any questions or reasons from the company explaining why this is. She asked why they were asking some of the questions, and was told some companies look at a places website to get information. Judi told the agent to look into it for her, and that if they were going to charge us more for the policy, then she should investigate other companies for the library. Judi gave out totals from the art auction and art auction/book sale and will distribute a comparison spreadsheet at the next meeting. She also stated that the mail campaign is going well, and that we are only $90 away from all of last year ($5750). A motion was made to move $250 dollars to children's' programming from the money earned from the book sale. Doug motioned to accept, and Pam seconded it, motion carried.

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the July meeting were distributed-after correcting two errors, Judi motioned to accept the report and Melissa seconded it.

President's Report:  Two employee reviews were looked at. Also, some thank you cards were passed around. Melissa motioned to accept the report and Judi seconded it.

Librarian's report: Patti left an agenda of topics to discuss. There are a few boxes of books left on the porch, and it was decided to leave them a bit longer before taking them to the transfer site as money is still being donated. It was brought up that the times of the Dinner/Artist Wine & cheese event was wrong in the Lyme Light and Pam will correct it. Jim had talked to the Victim's Assistance Center about security, and they will get back to him. The library will participate in the School's Halloween Parade by passing out candy again this year as they go by. Dolly is working on the Legislative section of the Incentive Grant. It was decided that Kathy and Ed Dillon should be offered free tickets to the BBQ for all the donations over the last 4 years of $1000 in donations for movies.

Committee Reports: For the buildings and grounds, Doug presented an update on building project estimates from Bill Kinne:

-Add condensate pump to addition furnace and route discharge to sump

-Repair main furnace condensate pump discharge and add trap

-Add outside air intake to both furnaces

-Move 2 branch ducts from main furnace system to addition furnace system

-insulate exposed metal ductwork to both furnaces

-remove hot water heater and install point of use water heater in bathroom

-Block off foundation vents in addition

-Furnace filter doors for both surfaces

Old Business:    Pam will be calling about the garden border. Doug got 16 timbers donated from Whites, and suggested all timbers be removed and put in new. Three options were discussed for propane. It was decided to stay with Griffith and opt for the fixed business price of $1.50 for 1500 gallons. Guardian has already done a spider control treatment and they are now on contract for next spring and fall. Bill Kinne's estimate for the above work was $2015 with a $1700 deposit up front. It was suggested that a signed contract was obtained from him before starting. Judi motioned to accept the report and Melissa seconded it, motion carried.

New Business: There was a raffle basket that was donated back to the library, and it was agreed that it should be donated to Dawn Vincent at NCLS. A budget meeting was tentatively scheduled for October 4th from 2-4. The town requested that a power wire needs to be raised so snowplows can go under it. Melissa requested that she have a key to the library due to the fact that Stat security calls her when there is a problem and she could shut off lights when accidentally left on and not have the librarian come back.

Submitted by: Joy Seymour

Lyme Free Library Board Minutes October 9, 2017, Adopted November 13, 2017.

Trustees Present: Jim Valentine, Melissa Koffs , Pam Oxenford, Joy Seymour, Judi Bates, Mary Hyde, Patti Hughes, Librarian and Doug Warneck. Also present were Tammy Sharlow, Bookkeeper. Not present: Dolly Bidwell

Treasurer's Report: Tammy discussed the Profit and Loss budget performances and the balances look good, especially now that the $54000 went in from the School budget vote. Judi mentioned that the mail campaign is doing much better than last year, and has seen $6415 in donations so far. There was also a $210 reimbursement from fiber optic. Judi gave out a comparison spreadsheet of the book sale totals since 2013. In 2017, the total was $5564.32 which was more than any other year.  Joy motioned to accept the report, and Pam seconded it, motion carried. 

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the board meetings are now being put on the website. 

President's Report:  No new news from the President at this time.

Librarian's report: Patti informed us that a past library President, Maggie Rood, had passed away and Joel Block suggested the library do something the gathering at the library for her. It was decided that the library would follow the wishes of the family who did not want anything done. Dolly did a great job on a book of activities/programs that the library does to help the library obtain a  legislative grant, and Kate Wherle from Addie Jenne’s office called to thank the library for the legislative grant that Dolly did. They were very impressed. The library will be passing out candy to the Lyme Central students as they go by at 9:30 for their parade around town. James and Susan O’Reilly were very pleased with the turnout for the Artist Reception and send their thanks. The NCLS Outreach Mini Grant has been submitted for $1000 for large print Non-Fiction books. One hundred dollars has been approved to come out of the kid’s fund to by a large snowman to replace a Christmas tree decoration that can no longer be fixed anymore. Judi motioned to accept and Melissa seconded it, motion carried. The library is looking to schedule another Tea event with Cathy Gallagher, it may not happen until after the holidays. A website grant has been submitted for $100 for putting the minutes on the website. Also, an incentive grant is being submitted for $600.

Committee Reports: For the buildings and grounds, Pam had an estimate from All Seasons from Lowville on revamping the gardens. Timbers are being donated by Whites. Judi Kilmer from the garden club can help out with some money in a fund for the library also. Other costs need to be put in the budget. This work will be done in May. Judi motioned to accept and Melissa seconded it, motion carried. 

Old Business:    The budget meeting has been re-scheduled for October 11th at 3pm.

New Business: The handyman & lawn/snow contractor , Guy Ringabar, was discussed. He is to be asked to put together a proposal for the library to lay out the costs for services. The services being looked at are: Fall/spirng cleanup, including the nuts that fall, the driveway, lawn, and possibly snow removal from the sidewalk, porch and ramps. He will be asked if payments over time is possible. He is up to $500 in lawn care so far. The carpets will be clean by Anchor from Cape Vincent. Doug motioned to accept and Pam seconded it, motion carried. 

Submitted by: Joy Seymour