Building Use Policy

The following are rules and regulations of the Lyme Free Library (Library).  These are effective February 8, 2016 as adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Lyme Free Library.


Meeting areas of the library are available to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.  The Library does not advocate or endorse the points of view of the users.  Any Library sponsored activity need not make a formal request to use the building.


I.      Rules and Regulations


A.  Application for Library use must be submitted to the Director the month prior to the meeting.  Board meetings are usually held the second Monday of each month. The application must be picked up and returned to the library during regular Library hours.


         B.  The meeting must be open to the public with no more than 40 people in attendance.


         C. No refreshments may be served while using the Library.


         D. The Library is not responsible for any individuals, equipment, materials, clothing or other items                brought into the Library by the group and/or individuals attending the meeting.


 E. Library programming has first priority in area used. Library staff and users have access to the      meeting areas at all times.


  F.  Library staff provide no equipment or services for set up or take down of the meeting areas.  No    equipment or materials are available for use other than what is available to all Library users.


          G.  All current Library fees are applicable.


          H.  A copy of the Building Use Policy will be provided along with the Reservation Form


          I.  Meetings may be held only during the time the Library is regularly open or when the Board


             of Trustees meets.


II.         Duties of the person responsible for the meeting


            A.  See to it that the Meeting Request Form is accurate and submitted in a timely fashion.


            B.  See to it that no books or other Library materials are disturbed.


   C.  Make sure that there is no smoking and no pets (only service dogs).


    D.  Make sure the Library is neat and orderly before leaving.  Return all tables, chairs and other materials to their original locations.  Any damage should be reported immediately to the Library staff and is the financial responsibility of the group.  If the area is left in an unsatisfactory state, the Contact Person will be notified in writing. If the Library is left in an unsatisfactory state a second time, further use of the Library will be denied to the organization.


III.        Supervision of activities for children 12 and under




Lyme Free Library Building Use Form


Name Group/Organization Requesting Space___________________________________


Date Request Made______________________________


Name of the Person Responsible for the Meeting_______________________________________




Date Requested for the Space________________________  Time____________________


A Copy of the Building Use Policy Is Included with this form. Please read the policy carefully.


Return the completed reservation form to the director of the Library.  Space cannot be reserved online at this time.


Generally, expect a response from the director within 7 working days.


Please check in with staff upon arrival for the meeting.




            A.  Two (2) supervising adults from the organization must be present at all times.