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Organic Gardening with Master Gardener Sue Gwise

Learn about how to garden organically in your home garden and landscape.  Organic methods of soil preparation and pest control will be covered along with sustainable gardening methods. Presented by Sue Gwise, Horticulture Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County.  Free.  April 16th at 6:30.

Explore Everyday Nature

There are things that everyone sees each spring that are easily recognizable – the yellow of dandelions, the American Robins on the grass in our yards, the apple tree blossoming out in the local field….  But there are other things that are seen every year that are “normal,” but the real names for these things are not known. That brownish-red bird that always flies across the road in that brushy section, the little yellow birds that are not American Goldfinch, those white flowers in the woods along I-81…. Presentation by Julie K. Covey, Executive Director of Ontario Bays Initiative, Cost is free, all are welcome. May 7th at 6:30.

Stone Houses of Jefferson County

Book to be released April 2015. Presentation at Lyme Free Library on July 11th from 1 to 3pm.

Jefferson County, New York, has one of the richest concentrations of stone houses in America. As many as 500 limestone houses, churches, and commercial buildings were built there before 1860. Some of the buildings are beautiful mansions built by early entrepreneurs, and others are small vernacular farmhouses. Some are clustered together; others dot the countryside near limestone outcroppings. Embedded in the fabric of each building are the stories of its location, its maker, and those who have lived there. Lavishly illustrated with almost 300 photographs, this volume highlights eighty-five stone houses in the region. 

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